Project Description

We are Russell & Russell | About Us Film for Russell & Russell Solicitors

Purpose of the Film

Russell & Russell recognised that their main point of difference from other Law Firms is the quality and experience of people that they employ and how they deliver that ‘little bit extra’ for their clients and they wanted a film that captured this spirit. It also had to give a brief overview of the range of services they offer. Overall it needed to show their human and fun side.

How we went about it

Initially we spent time with their at their offices, finding out more about their culture and getting to know their people. Armed with this information we put together an outline plan for the look and feel of the film. We felt that a fly on wall, documentary style would work well to get across the ‘human’ feel and we used hand held camera techniques for the interviews and lots of cutaways of the staff interacting with each other and clients in a very natural, friendly and informal way. Filming took place over two days at two different locations.

How it was used

The film is hosted on their YouTube channel and embedded onto their website, as well as being shared across their social media channels. It now forms the first of seven films, as we are currently in the process of producing specific films for each of their service areas.