Project Description

You Can Make a Difference | Recruitment film for the Department of Health and Social Care

Purpose of the film

The recruitment and retention of social workers is a high priority for many private and public sector employers. We were commissioned by a group of stakeholders, headed by Lyn Romeo, the Chief Social Worker for Adults in England, to produce a powerful film that captures the essence and variety of social work and the difference that social workers can make to people’s lives. The film is designed to attract people to the profession and consider a career in social work. To give the film an even higher profile, it was timed to be launched on World Social Work Day.

How we went about it

Working with the stakeholder group, 5 scenarios were chosen to represent the variety and type of work that social workers are involved with on a day to day basis. We cast a number of actors to play the different roles and the concept was very simple – each one would stand in front of a white background and recite a sentence. Formed together the sentences created a beautiful poem all about where they were in life and how their social worker had come into their lives and helped them. To make the film even more powerful it was shot in black and white.

How it was used

The film was hosted on the BASW (British Association of Social Workers) youtube channel and embedded on a specifically designed web page on their website. Press releases were sent to all of the key social work press and it was also highly promoted by all of the stakeholders on their social media channels.