Project Description

Wigan Council Case Study | Film for the Department of Health and Social Care

Purpose of the film

Every year the Chief Social Worker for Adults in England – Lyn Romeo, produces a report on her work over the year and also talks about the emerging best practice in social work across the UK. Lyn asked us to produce a film to accompany the report and bring to life a case study. They selected The Adult Social Services team at Wigan Council to feature in the film, as are regarded as one of the most progressive local authorities in the country

How we went about it

Once the team at Wigan had agreed to take part, we had a briefing meeting with their PR team and Director of Social Services and a representative from the DoH, where we discussed the key messages to be used and also who would appear in the film. Following this, we put forward an outline plan for our suggestions for how the film should be put together. Wigan chose three social workers to be involved and we suggested that the spine of the film would feature them sat having a coffee and a chat about the key areas of their work agreed in the briefing meeting. They ask each other questions to lead into the topics and each area is supported by footage that illustrates the key messages. All of the footage took one day to record and we filmed at a number of different locations across the Borough including a residential care home, a day centre and of course the Council offices.

How it was used

The film is hosted on the Department for Health and Social care YouTube channel and an image of the film with a play button/live link is embedded into the pages of the digital version of the report. Wigan Council will also have a copy of the film for their own internal and external use.