Just wanted to let you know about a music video project we recently completed for those lovely people at Kids Allowed, who asked us to produce a song and accompanying video, to help children learn the alphabet using sounds or ‘Phonics’.

Kids Allowed came to us with an idea of the lyrics they ideally wanted to use and we took it from there. We developed a number of different musical approaches and eventually settled on a melody that was fun and engaging for the kids, plus that had a few breaks in it so they could take a breather now and again.

We had great fun recording the song in the studio and want to say a big thank you to Alison from Kids Allowed, for all her guidance and coaching that helped our vocalists get the phonics sounds spot on. As you can see from the photo, Alison really loved the sound booth!

We created some simple, clear, easily recognisable visuals and combined them with the song to produce the final phonics song video you can view above.

How do you teach your kids the alphabet? If you haven’t tried it, give our phonics song a go and let us know how you and the family get on.