One of our oldest clients is the LGA (Local Government Association), Workforce Team. Over the years we’ve produced many podcasts for them, in both audio and video formats. The topics have ranged from interviews with key speakers at events, to capturing the excitement of staff awards and information pieces around specific topics.

Our latest work with them is a short TV style series of programmes, featuring two of their own team, Luann and Phil as the presenters. It’s not the first time that Luann and Phil have been in front of the camera, in fact we produced a 3-part podcast series for them in 2011 and as part of the preparation for that, we put them through an intensive one day media ‘presenters’ training course, so you could say they’re now old hands!

‘Workforce News’ is a 10ish minute magazine style programme, targeted at the public sector Human Resources community. With all of the huge challenges and changes facing the public sector, there’s a lot of crucial and often ‘time critical’ information that has to be shared with the HR teams to enable them to do their jobs well. These short and snappy films are a great way to share vital knowledge in a very engaging way.

The first one has just been published and we think Luann and Phil should be very proud!