I was in the beautiful county of Cornwall not so long ago, revisiting some of my youthful haunts, as well as ‘big-boy’ camping for the first time – yes, we did indeed have a tent with carpet and a fridge?!

Anyway, on one of our days out, we took a leisurely stroll around the picturesque harbour in St Ives, where I spotted something in a shop window that grabbed my attention – a couple of hand made signs promoting the Twitter and Facebook profiles of a little fashion boutique called Ebb and Flow.

I have to admit that these aren’t normally the type of establishments I venture into without ‘the better half’ in tow, but I felt the need to tell the lady in the shop how much I liked her handmade window wares – so I popped in and did just that!

The reasons they worked for me:

  • The hand written signs absolutely fitted the brand vibe of the shop that sells ethical and green products.
  • They were written by someone with fairly legible handwriting, not by someone (like my good self) who writes like they’re doing an impression of a trainee doctor.
  • They’re uncluttered – only the key information necessary is included 1. A clear call to action and 2. Clear Twitter and Facebook profile names.
  • They’re stuck to the shop window using big dollops of blue-tack on what looks like decent gsm weight paper – as opposed to flopping around or peeling away in one corner.

Funny what you find on holiday don’t you think!